Wonder where this site is coming from? This site comes from an HP NetServer that is installed in the server room that I manage. Here's some more info about the network:


This is the main server room, which is a concrete vault. It houses most of the networking equipment on site.

There are three servers in the room. The one on the left is used for file storage, database applications, domain control, and terminal services. The one in the middle is used as a web server and stores secuirty camera images. The one on the right is a mail server and provides some other minor network services.

The servers are each backed up to tape nightly using DAT and DLT technologies.

Networking equipment consists of a 3Com Corebuilder switch that connects the servers to the other network switches on site, and provides routing between VLANs and other security measures. It uses multimode fiber to connect to the switches in other buildings on site, and standard copper to connect to the servers and other network equipment. The Cisco router above it connects the local network to the internet through a T1 line. To the left are two PCs, one runs a network monitoring system called Nagios, the other is a standard Windows PC used for network management only.

Three monitored UPSes provide power protection for the room. Each server has at least two power supplies, as does the core network switch. Three separate utility phases are used for redundancy.

The room is cooled by a split unit A/C with the condensor/compressor mounted on the roof.

The server room is also protected by a natural gas powered standby generator. It starts automatically in the event of a utility failure and can run indefinitely (theoretically) since it is plumbed into the building's gas supply.

There are several IP security cameras on site also. You can watch them by going to Here's a picture of one: